DIY penis fittings

Penis attachment

The size of masculinity has been a concern for stronger sex since ancient times. This confirmation is the found artificial member, who, according to historians, is at least 28, 000 years old. It was discovered during archaeological excavations in Germany, a country considered a pioneer and leader in the pornography industry.

Today, it is possible to change the size of the penis with different methods - from the use of special preparations, the use of ointments and creams, performing pull-ups, to surgical operations. However, genitals are becoming increasingly popular, which can be purchased at sex toy stores or made by hand.

Can I make my own penis?

The Internet is full of demands "how to make an artificial penis with your own hands. " Increased interest is explained in simple terms: models displayed in high-quality and expensive stores, and models with low prices are not of high quality. Want to try sex toys, a dilemma arises: is it necessary to pay for the product if there is no confidence for its further use?

After all, a girl may not approve of the presence of a snout or cause discomfort, irritation or pain (the latter does not include men). If you choose a more affordable option, there is a risk of irritation due to possible allergic reactions to toys or trauma to the genitals due to missing or flaking part of the nozzle.

This is also possible when you want to try "here and now", but there is no time to wait for orders from the Internet, and there is no opportunity to visit the nearest sex shop. In such a situation, the question of how to make a dildo at home is quite relevant.

If you look at a product, it becomes clear that it is quite difficult to design, but it is not impossible. The main thing is to have the desire and some time, as well as buy the necessary materials. The final quality of the object produced will depend on the latter. The advantage of homemade members is that their shape and size will be limited by the imagination of the author alone.

Choosing the right material

For tips and artificial limbs produced in an industrial environment, use:

  • Cyber ​​skin is a material very similar to real human skin. It is soft, tender, almost indistinguishable from live flesh to touch. while touching the body, the temperature quickly picks up and maintains it all the time on the organ. Lack of material - very prone to damage, so it requires careful handling, washing with warm soapy water, storage in a special container.
  • Polyvinyl chloride is the most popular ingredient for the production of dildos and sex toys. Its advantages: the ability to quickly take on the shape of the human body, strength and combination with lubricants. Washable PVC with a mild cleaning agent: soap, shower gel or intimate hygiene, does not require special storage conditions. Applications can be done with any frequency and intensity.
  • Silicone is a medical material used for the production of intimate goods in 90% of cases. It is soft, supple and quite flexible. Able to take body shape quickly, and after "working" to return to normal. Advantages: hypoallergenic, allows the use of all toys of any intensity. Store silicone tips in a dark place, as they are destroyed under the influence of ultraviolet light. The downside is that playing with it requires processing lubricants, and is only water-based.
  • Rubber is a special type of material that has better thermoplastic properties and is comfortable to touch. Suitable for making products that need to be given and maintain the desired shape. The softness of the material allows you to make it comfortable for both pairs, and the elasticity allows you to get the desired parameters (length, thickness, ribs, acne, etc. ). The rubber cap on the penis does not rub or cause allergic reactions. For care, use a non-aggressive cleanser or special cleanser for intimate toys.
  • Plastic is a solid material in which special blends are added for greater softness and elasticity. It is used to make special nozzle shapes.

Material selection is the most important step in making a dildo with your own hands, as the final conversion of the product and its safety for the health of both partners depend on this. Therefore, savings in this case are highly undesirable.

Type of material

Before making a phallus at home, you should explain which materials are available to the manufacturer. Some are available for sale for free at hardware stores, others - when ordering over the Internet.

So, to make a homemade doll, suitable:

  • alginate molding compounds;
  • silicon molding compounds;
  • polyurethane filling compounds.

Maybe the store will offer other options, but before buying it, you should know if the substance causes an allergic reaction and how safe it is for the body.

Wavy genitals

Level of work

How to make a dildo at home? You need:

  • flexible transparent plastic;
  • scotch tape;
  • selected materials;
  • linked movies.

Boxes or rectangles are cut from pieces of plastic, depending on the size of the product being designed. The length of the sheets can be adjusted at will - the more centimeters a man wants to add to himself, the longer. The width of a piece depends on the available parameters of the penis: in an upright position, it easily penetrates and has free space. To make a homemade member by size, follow:

  • measure with measuring tape;
  • add the required number of centimeters to the result;
  • cut to the desired width.

Error: wrap a piece of plastic around the penis and cut "with the eyes" - such phallus, made by hand, will be small or too large.

When the dimensions and cutting are complete, the pieces are folded with a tube, the edge joints are fastened with tape. The circle is cut out of plastic, which closes one of the holes and is also tightly wrapped with adhesive tape. Its job is to make the resulting tube completely closed.

The second step in the "how to make a dildo" process is filling. To do this, the erect penis is wrapped tightly with adhesive film so that it cannot connect the mass with the body. If the task is to make a smooth nozzle, you need to pack it carefully, excluding all possible irregularities, because the smoothness of the inside of the future nozzle will depend on this.

Next, the molding mass is poured into the prepared tube and the penis is lowered there. The hardening process lasts an average of 15 minutes, after which the structure is removed from the penis. Now you can carefully remove the tape and release the product from the plastic frame - the homemade phallus is ready to use.

If a man wants to give the toy an anatomical shape, this can be done with a knife and rough material. They also easily make various protrusions, ribs, antennas and other "chip" nozzles.


Before making a puncture with your own hands from scrap material, you must consider the serious health risks of homemade sex toys:

  • seals, edges, corners, sharp or poorly processed protrusions and other defects in homemade toys can trigger trauma to both sexes;
  • improperly calculated measurements threaten the loss of bonds during intercourse; more serious option - it can get stuck in a woman's body;
  • if the calculation is done in an incomplete erection condition or is lost during mass solidification, there is a risk that it is not possible to attach an attachment without medical assistance;
  • strict violations when wrapping the penis with film can cause the mass to enter the urethra, which will provoke an inflammatory process or blockage of the urethra;
  • keeping the penis in a state of full erection for 15 minutes is a difficult task, for which men take medication with phosphodiesterase inhibitors, which have serious side effects on internal organs.

After assessing and weighing all possible risks, they approach the business of producing dildos and accessories in a responsible and careful manner, and all stages are done accurately and accurately.

What to make artificial phallus

It is easier to make a dildo at home, that is, artificial members. Such toys are more popular with women, and if the girl wants them, she can be left for free. Suitable for the production of dumbbells:

Gypsum mixture

It is available for free at home improvement stores, drug stores or children's toy stores. After preparing the mass (rules for working with plaster are described in the instructions included in the package), the required size members are formed, and left to dry completely. Once processed with sandpaper to remove all irregularities. Before the love game, a condom is placed on the phallus.

The use of plastic gypsum mixture is also possible for the production of additional tools: for this, the erect and wrapped penis is covered with gypsum mixture and allowed to harden. However, toys like these will be very difficult, and these properties cause discomfort, pain, and discomfort. The second weakness is fragility.

Silicone mixture

Another option to fill it is in the form of a previous vibrator. That is, if the toy has been purchased (or the package from it is accidentally inherited from friends), the silicone mass can be poured into a plastic mold, which was previously lubricated with vegetable oil for free extraction at the end of the work, and after hardening, stick the part. with super glue.

Clay is capable of provoking the strongest allergies, so games with artificial limbs like this are only recommended with rubber products # 2.


This material is available 90% of the time, anywhere, and has the following benefits:

  • easily take the desired shape;
  • has a special aroma;
  • if there is no allergy to bee products, it is allowed to enter a woman's body without a condom (enough to treat it with lubricant).
Plasticine - a material for making artificial phallus

Candles are heated, given the desired length and width dimensions, if desired, additional protrusions, spikes, ribs, etc.


This product for children's creativity can be used in the same way as wax, but it should be considered that it is more plastic, and therefore, it can easily lose its shape in the middle of sexual intercourse. A simple pencil placed in a sculpted artificial penis or early phallus freezing can make the toy more stable.

Tools in hand

You can make your own penis sleeve, but this is not a quick process. If the desire to experiment appears suddenly, and there are no special toys available, you can use the tools at hand. What can replace a member?

  • Vegetables and fruits. Almost every refrigerator contains natural gifts in the form of phallic symbols. The ideal and affordable option are cucumbers and bananas, which when cold, will bring their spirit to an intimate game.
  • Mobile phones. This is a small sized model that can be adjusted to vibration mode.
  • Electric shaver. The previous cutting unit was removed from it.

Combined with long and wide handles, curved iron, and other phallic shaped objects without sharp angles and protrusions can serve as alternatives. The main condition of its use: rinse in water and put a condom on them.

Play in bed with accessories, dildos and lubricants designed to add variety and spice to a couple's intimate daily life. However, before replacing the penis with a fake copy, it is best to reconcile this issue with your lover, otherwise the romantic night may end in sadness: with a serious quarrel or a painful parting.