Penis enlargement the way people do

folk ways to enlarge the penis

There is an opinion that you can enlarge your penis without special tools and doctors, without leaving your home - that is, "folk medicine". Penis enlargement in a way people attract to many people. Naturally, since ancient times, people have done penis enlargement using the most exotic methods. This article gives an overview of the most famous.

Hanging weight on the penis

It is known that even the Sadhu Indians made various modifications to the body parts, including the penis. They managed to lengthen the organ to an incredible size - in a calm state it spun, like a rope, several times, and when it did not rotate to the knee.

To achieve this extraordinary effect, a small weight is tied to the organs of boys who have not yet started puberty and left it for a while. Gradually, the penis lengthens to 40 cm or more. True, with such an organ, a man loses the ability to conceive and have sex in general.

Men of other races are also involved in lengthening by tying a load: traditionally enlarging the penis in this way in Africa: in southern Egypt, in northern Uganda. At the same time, there is no confidence in the results, because even using an extension tool, it is quite difficult to calculate the tension independently, not to mention the possibility of injury.

Jelqing - massage for penis enlargement

Less scary is the ancient jelq massage technique. He is from the eastern countries, more precisely - from Sudan. In this area, it is customary to teach boys to jelqing from an early age, and teenagers from wealthy families even practice with trainers. The method is quite effective, especially if you start training in adolescence, when a new body is formed and all tissues are prone to rapid growth. For adults, this method is also suitable, but you need to practice many more times. Although Arab boys do exercise every day for 30 minutes, then an adult boy needs about two hours every day to start growth. This is one of the disadvantages of this traditional medicine for penis enlargement.

Hormonal "means" of penis enlargement

The word "method" is specially quoted, as there is no hormonal drug that will affect adult men. Hormone treatment for micropenis syndrome is used in children or adolescents.

In medical practice, such treatment is described in scholarly publications by Eud Ben Galim, MD, Richard E. Hilman and Virginia W. Usld, MD, available in the archives of the American Journal for Children with Disabilities. Children with microfallus were injected with the growth hormone testosterone + for 21 days. As a result of therapy, all boys get rid of micropenis syndrome.

In another similar experiment, boys were injected with topical dihydrotestosterone on the penis and the results were also positive. Despite this experience, most doctors still consider this treatment quite risky. And of course they do not recommend doing this themselves. Moreover, after puberty, the consequences will most likely be negative.

Self-Modified Body

Ball in members

Circumcised skin is pulled back, with a swing penetrated with something sharp (e. g. sharpening). A bean-sized small ball is moved to the wound produced under the skin of the penis.

Vaseline under the skin

In addition to balls under the skin of the penis, some also inject petroleum jelly, such as homemade "fillers". It can be said that it is a cheap "analog" of contour plastic, but instead of a thick solution of hyaluronic acid or other medicinal preparations, it is petroleum jelly.

How to threaten

First, the ball under the skin of the penis is filled with the formation of scar tissue, which leads to Peyronie's disease. As for petroleum jelly, it causes inflammatory allergic reactions, the formation of connective tissue and fibrosis, which causes the same curvature of the penis. Medical surgery is needed to remove both petroleum jelly and its scarring and curvature.

Herbal preparations

It is not impossible to mention the various tinctures of grandmother herbs, which are said to be used for penis growth. Often, these are normal stimulation and recovery plants that can increase potency, increase erections, and because of this, the penis will look a bit larger. However, this can not be called "penis enlargement", only an increase in erection gives a temporary effect.

This is, perhaps, all the main "folk remedies", or, people's misconceptions about penis enlargement. Why the misunderstanding? It is logical to assume that if at least one tool works, information about it will belong together, and any man can become a member for himself without leaving home. But, unfortunately, there is no traditional medicine like this.