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  • Pierre
    The Gel helped to not only increase the size, but also to give a new sensation in sex. For the month of use, was able to achieve an increase of 4 cm, in principle, of more, congratulations. The duration of the sexual act has become more over almost twice and, after the first erection and ejaculation, and the excitement comes too quickly. I think that the main secret to the regularity of the procedures, and the correct stain of the gel without excess load. The woman simply delighted, full of harmony and understanding in the bed, which is very important in the 8th year of marriage. I recommend titanium!
  • Sylvie
    Husband used titanium In 1.5 months, during this time, managed 4.5 cm to increase the length and 1 cm diameter of the penis. Was shocked with the result, the nights became more and more interesting. Write a review to recommend the girls is a tool. Help your husband and yourself to achieve new results. Husband the unit with a new size, became more confident in himself, soon we hope to improve the work. In general, some advantages of the gel.
  • Michel
    Gel multifunctional, I use different. To increase the size of pus each day for the night, does not matter, will have sex or not, simply as a medicinal ointment. If you are planning a meeting with a girl, spotted prior to sexual intercourse. In this case, the gel serves as an excellent stimulant. It is worth diving, as it begins the tide of blood to the groin, the skin gets hot and you get an erection. You can make a layer more thick, and then Titanium well will descend as a lubricant. It intensifies the sensations, and the sex brings you even more fun.
  • Christophe
    Titanium not increased the size, but still put firm 5. Immediately after the application of the gel, the groin, you receive a pleasant warmth, the friend rises and increases the time of the act. Stable erection, sex extended, the sensation of bright. Note that the drug acts and the sensitivity of the woman. When more tributaries apply the gel behaves as a lubricant, that when the vaginal dryness facilitates the penetration. I have even improved the quality of the sperm, before, it was more thick and was is not exactly a pleasant smell. Now girlfriend itself starts fondling oral, although until then shunned. Titanium it is good for my health, the inner life and the psychological state. I became more calm and confident, I'm not afraid of making a mistake in bed, or simply lose the desire. Libido, on the contrary, only increased: I'm already ready for battle without a lot of preludes and extra stimulation. To Me the packaging has not had the courage to continue I'm going to order more. The price for such an effective and useful tool that is usually funny, it is cheaper to only gift. In the site registration process quickly, to deliver, without delay.
  • Philippe
    Titanium operates gradually and has a global effect. In the 1st week, do not change, it was not. Just spent the accumulation of nutrients in the deep layer of the skin and corpora cavernosa. Despite the fact that the impact of just one treatment, the active components quickly enters the bloodstream. In the 2 nd week of to improve erection. She became stronger and longer. The sensitivity of the sexual organs increased. He began a slow increase in size in both length and circumference. Week 3, the sexual organ has acquired more than attractive way, the head clearly formed. Increased the duration of sexual intercourse, the sensations of sex became very different. More pleasure was received, and I, and a partner. In the 4th week of the dimensions have reached the maximum. The length has increased by almost 5 cm, and the circumference is 2 cm. In the state without erection parameters were not changed. Apply titanium it can be on its own and in conjunction with the girl. This becomes interesting sexual game. Massaging gel after the shower (when the skin is well steamed and the pores much as open) gives the best results. The body must grow from natural processes, and not through hormones.
Comments Titanium